How to Change Out Your Skate Truck Cushions

I bought my Powerdyne Revenge plates pretty much when they came out and I love them. They are so light and so far extremely tough but I never really liked the cushions they came with. I always had my trucks as loose as possible but didn’t feel like I was getting the flex I needed. When Powerdyne came out with new softer bushings I was overjoyed. I ended up getting the middle of the road 82a (orange) Magic Cushions and it is by far the best improvement for the price that you can do. They feel like totally different skates and the react to my movements SO much better. Spend the $15 and upgrade.

Riedell did not send instructions though on how to install your new bushings and since they aren’t exactly the same as the old ones I did some research and made this video showing you how it should be done.


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