Evolution of Jam Starts – Fall 2010

Back in 2010 I took footage at the WFTDA Eastern Regionals for the purpose of studying and teaching jam starts. Coming out of the Championships of 2009, it seemed pretty clear that those 30 seconds before the whistle and positioning after the whistle was going to be the next big evolution in the game after general speed regulation.

Since I posted the video, I’ve been teaching the concepts around those 10 starts I published on YouTube back in October of 2010. With more than a year past now, it’s refreshing to find the lessons learned in these jam starts are still relevant today and we’re only building from here. Look for more videos coming soon including a graphic and video version of my jam starts article published last summer in Five on Five as well as the continued evolution of jam starts with video from World Cup 2011.

I split this “10 Jam Starts” video into two parts due to length. It helps to watch them in order as some of the latter seven jam starts have commentary that reference the first three.

Part 1

Part 2

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