Delaying the Jam Start

Last year it was all about the slow pack and this year it’s the delayed start but I find myself confused as to why we are employing this strategy in most situations. There are few situations when delaying the start makes sense but in those same situations it should be the other teams goal to get that pack and those jammers moving asap.

I fear for the fans. Watching this strategy for the most part is near to paint drying.

Here’ the challenge. Watch the video below. It does a great job of documenting nearly every possible jam delay possibility. Then start to think about why you might want to delay a jam start. Please show your work for full credit. My list is short.

    Your jammer is in the box. delaying the start runs down her time without points scored on you.
    You got a point lead so a good defensive game can help you keep the lead and run down the clock.
    Mind Fuck!

For extra credit please explain ways to counteract this strategy. You can see by the end of the video that by starting with a ‘no pack’ forces the jam to start.

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