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Once More With Feeling

Gonna feel that one in the morning. So the real kicker, if I’m right, is that poor green pivot would also get …


Derby Dates Online

No it isn’t a dating site for rollergirls but I’m sure someone is going to try to make that. is striving …

Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 10.39.59 AM

Skater 26

The roller derby short film Skater 26 is now on YouTube. You can watch the whole thing here. Driven to Victory! 13th …


Adonis – Adonis Micro

First thing to note about the Adonis Micros is their size. All flavors come in a height of 50mm which is crazy …


Bachelor Live Bash

Apparently there’s a TV series called The Bachelor and they will be taking a try at the derby on their next episode …

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Rinxter 2.0

Rinxster 2.0 was released this morning. I haven’t had time to play with it yet but it’s a major rewrite of most …

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Learn The New Rules

Check out this online roller derby rules quiz that Sausage Roller made. The quiz states to have 1,494 questions in it. You …

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Is Your Helmet Certfied?

This video is geared at BMX bikers but we tend to use the same helmets. I’m checking my helmet right now after …

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Rollergames For NES

This is what I want for Chrismahanukuanza. #JustSaying They just don’t make video games like they used to.