Welcome Back!

Welcome back to Queen of the Rink.  We’ve taken some time off of our previous experiment to understand how to bring roller derby news to the community better but also how to bring additional features that we feel like the roller derby community has been needing for a while.

Let me show you around!

You will find four main sections to Queen of the Rink; The News, The Gear, The Bag, The Situation.  We should be adding a couple more sections in the months to come but we felt this we as great place to start.

  • The News is going to be just that.  All the roller derby news we find that’s worth repeating.
  • The Gear is gear reviews done by our staff and also reviewed and rated on by our readers.  Leave a comment and rate your gear to help give other skaters a better idea on what gear they should be looking at using.
  • The Bag is where we will be taking a notable skater and ask them to dump the contents of their derby bag onto the floor to share with the world.  We also ask them some nice little questions to go along with the yard sale.
  • The Situation is going to be for the derby nerds.  We will post a particular roller derby situation and ask our readers to come up with solutions.  It’s kind of like those choose your own adventures books but you really only get one choice.

So that’s it.  Check back often as we plan to keep this thing updating nearly daily.

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