Video – POV Roller Derby T-Shirt Cannon

My role during the bouts with the Minnesota RollerGirls is their Janitorial Artist. Think track dude plus mascot. I make sure the track is always in good shape and that their isn’t any beer or debris on the track and during time outs I launch t-shirts from my home made T-Shirt Cannon.

At the Minnesota RollerGirls Home Season Championship ‘Dead of Winter’ I strapped a mini HD camera onto my cannon to give the world a Wet Spot view of roller derby at the Legendary Roy Wilkins Auditorium.

If your venue is large enough a shirt cannon is a great way to keep the crowd entertained.

I’m posting two videos. One is of a shirt getting launched into the balcony and the second is of a confetti launch for the winning team at the end of the Championships. We launch confetti in the color of the winning teams. not only does the crowd go nuts but it makes the photos look awesome.

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