Just got this press release hot off the wire from USARS and there’s a few major things to point out. They are declaring that they are NOT requiring USARS insured leagues to play by their rule set just yet. Also noted that lead jammer is the front most jammer at any time like in Banked Track.

They’ve incorporated minors and majors in a very interesting way.

  1. No impact, no penalty: causing a player to lose balance, but not Relative Player Position.
  2. Minor (1 minute): causing a player to lose Relative Player Position or advancing own position viaprohibited movement.
  3. Major (2 minute): causing a player to fall down or go out of bounds; significant impact to gameplay.

WOW! That’s a ton of box time!

I’m really excited to get some ref nerds in here to pull these rules apart for us.

You can download the USARS BETA Rules here:

Here’s the whole release.

USARS Roller Derby Rule Set Enters Testing Phase

After many months of hard work and collaboration, the USARS Roller Derby Committee is excited to announce that the initial USARS flat track roller derby rule set is entering beta testing!  The current draft is for review and testing purposes only; the final edition is expected to be released in time for the 2012 season.  All updates concerning issuance of the final USARS Roller Derby Rule Book will be available at


The following organizations have already graciously agreed to participate in the testing process during testing events scheduled over the coming weeks:

  • Port City Roller Girls (CA)
  • High Country Mountain Derby Girls (CA)
  • Sintral Valley Derby Girls (CA)
  • Merced Rollin Roulettes (CA)
  • Race City Roller Derby (NC)
  • Greenville Derby Dames (SC)


Following completion of the 2012 rule book, the Committee will focus its efforts on supplemental programs and materials addressing topics such as coaching, officiating, clinics, and tournaments. Please note that USARS member clubs will not be required to use the USARS rule set for sanctioned events. Teams may choose to utilize this rule set during regular inter and intra league competition if they would like. This rule set will only be required during USARS qualifying competitions and tournaments as they are organized and available.

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