Tournament Streaming Announcement from WFTDA

The WFTDA is trying something new this year and will be bringing it’s fans and skaters live streaming of all of the Big 5 Tournaments. In the past years it has been up to the host league to decide if they were going to stream the tournament and how. This year WFTDA is partnering with Blaze Media to produce and deliver all of the tournaments.

WFTDA is also adopting the free SD stream and a paid HD stream model. This means you can always watch the stream for free but if you want to be able to actually see who is jamming you should drop the $20 for the tournament and get the HD package.

You’ll be able to watch the tournaments this year at

According to WFTDA Games will be archived and available for 90 days to subscribers.

Below is a video demonstrating, a bit inaccurately, the differences in the free and paid streams.

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