THE PACK – Trailer

Another trailer for another roller derby documentary. This full length film debuts in September, 2012.

THE PACK is a documentary film that follows intimate portraits of four players from the team The Fury, showing how they balance their lives while being professional roller derby players. The film also follows their team as they prepare and compete to keep their title as IVY King Cup Champions in their home season championship. The Fury is the first team in their league to remain undefeated for the 2011 season.

THE PACK is more than a high-energy championship film, it is a story about a group of women that have overcome obstacles in their own lives that use roller derby as a way to gain confidence and build lasting friendships.

The film will premiere September 2012, to stay updated on the film progress please “LIKE” our Facebook Fan page.

Also visit the film website to learn more about the director and view behind the scenes photos.!

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