Roller Derby May Be Included in 2020 Olympics

No it won’t.

Sorry folks.

Here’s the article from Yahoo.

A new up-and-coming sport known as flat track roller derby, or simply as roller derby, has been gaining popularity among fans and athletes alike.

The fast-paced roller skating based sport is an exciting new take on roller skating and requires athletes to master a whole new level of skill. Roller derby has shot up so fast that it may even be included in future Olympic games.

What is flat track roller derby?

Despite the fact that roller derby is carried out on roller skates, roller derby is actually a contact sport with two teams, much like football or hockey. Like many other contact sports, roller derby requires a great deal of strategy, planning, athleticism, and teamwork. By working together, roller derby teams are able to score points and beat out the competition. Like football and hockey, roller derby can get very intense and even combative at times.

Roller derby announced as a competitor for a 2020 Olympic spot

At the 123rd International Olympic Committee session in South Africa, president of the committee Jacques Rogge announced that roller derby was among eight sports under consideration for addition to the 2020 Olympic Games.

The sports under consideration include baseball, softball, wakeboarding, squash, sport climbing, rollersports, karate, and the martial art known as wushu—all will all be evaluated and considered for inclusion in future Olympics. A final list will be compiled and voted upon in 2013 at the International Olympic Committee meeting……..

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