Integrity Skating Products and Faster Wheels?

There’s a new wheel system hitting the derby market and I’ve seen a few roller derby refs skating on them. I don’t know if there’s a proper brand name for this setup but the concept is you buy a single set of ‘hubs’ and then you buy multiple ‘tires’ to put on your hubs. With a special tool you can pull the tire off or on the hub you buy. While the concept is very interesting It’s not something I’m personally willing to spend any money on and depending which setup you get you might have to drop $195 to get rolling since you’ll be buying the hubs and the special tool too.

Like I say I haven’t had the chance to skate on this wheels but here are some concerns I have with the setup other then the price.

All the wheels on the site are very wide. There’s no widths listed so I can’t tell you how wide but they look like 48mm or so.

I did get to handle a set of these wheels the other night and  I noticed is how thick the tire is. I’m assuming with this system you’d never be able to have a thin walled wheel like the Diamonds because the tire wouldn’t hold onto the hub which brings me to my biggest concern with this setup. Most wheels have mechanisms built into the hub to keep the tire on at all cost. It a tires is allowed to move at all it will suck the energy out of your skates and slow you down. Having a tire that isn’t permanently affixed to the hub makes me very concerned that this might happen.

Now it’s your turn. If you’ve got these wheels tell us what you think about them or if Integrity Skating Products wants to send me a free set I promise to give them a fair review.

You can check out these wheels for yourself at:

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