How Light is Light?

I was talking with a ref friend yesterday [yes I have ref friends] and somehow the topic of weight of roller derby gear came up. We know some things are lighter then others but we’ve never seen any hard numbers on how much something weighs compared to something else. So we grabbed a handy digital scale and while at practice we stole wheels from the freshmeat so we could weigh their wheels.

The method to our madness was to grab a single wheel and remove the bearings and weigh them. We ended up weighing in ounces because the scale’s gram unit was a bit rough. Down the road it would be great to break wheels down in grams. We also think down the road we should weigh four wheels at once and divide by four so we get a increasingly accurate measure. One final thing to do would be to only measure brand spanking new wheels since wheels are bound to loose weight the longer we skate on them.

This is what we found laying around the track.

  • TileBiter (31mm) 2.5 oz
  • Juke 2.8 oz
  • LowBoy Slim 3.0 oz
  • Juke Alloy 3.0 oz
  • Heartless 3.0 0z
  • Omega 3.2 oz
  • TileBiter (37mm) 3.4 oz
  • Diamonds 3.4 oz
  • Sure-Grip Fugitives MID 3.5 oz
  • Radar Fugitives 3.7 oz
  • Poison 3.7 oz
  • Devil Rays 3.9 oz
  • Mojo 3.9 0z
  • Zodiacs 4.1 oz
  • Demiurge w/ lite hub 4.4 oz

So these are the weights for each wheel. Once you start multiplying these measures by 8 the difference starts to become rather large. Let’s compare the Radar TileBiter (31mm) and the Radar Zodiacs to keep it all in the family. 2.5 oz x 8 wheels = 20.0 oz 0r 1.25 pounds. The Zodiacs are 4.1 oz x 8 wheels = 32.8 oz or 2.05 pounds.

So if you decided to switch from a Radar Zodiac to a Radar TileBiter you could expect to loose .8 pounds from you feet. Considering you spend a lot of time lifting them up and and putting them down this could be huge.

Our plan moving forward is to add weights next to each wheel in our review section. The problem is we don’t have access to every single wheel our there on the market. We need your help in getting more measurements and also more accurate measurements. If you can help us please leave you findings in the comments below.

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