Hell or High Water

This is going to be the summer of roller derby documentaries. We can add Hell or High Water to our list of derbumentaries. The trailer doesn’t give much info behind the story of the film but here’s what their site says.

This inspirational story follows the Nashville Rollergirls through the loss of their practice space, the move to a new game venue, injuries, relocation of key players, huge financial pressures, and even an epic flood.

Ever the underdog, and with a burning in their bellies, the Nashville Rollergirls seek to prove themselves at every turn. And nothing will prevent them from achieving the goals they set.

On a quest to succeed athletically on the national stage, and to keep their skater-owned and operated organization afloat, the Nashville Rollergirls, in true Nashville spirit, refuse to accept ‘no’, ‘can’t’, or ‘won’t’. And in true roller derby spirit, they bring ‘do-it-yourself’ to the next level.


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