Getting closer to the perfect game

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association has publicly acknowledge that they are currently beta testing the idea of removing minors penalties from flat track roller derby. The immediate reaction from some people is going to be negative fearing that by simply removing the minors makes this all ready dangerous sport overly so but we must keep in mind what the end goal is. For this sport to continue to grow it needs to be able to scale. There was a time before minor penalties in WFTDA roller derby and it was a much more fun and simpler game to watch and play. We can remove minors but we must massage the rules to keep our current level of safe and exciting play.

Let’s not rehash old arguments, I’ll leave that for the commentators, but let us acknowledge the pros and the cons of removing minor penalties from our sport.

The pros I see are numerous; a simpler game, a faster game, a cleaner game, a game that needs less staff, a smarter game as well.

As for a con the only one I seem to find is that it might be a bit bumpy but it was bumpy when minors penalties were invented.

read the WFTDA press release here:

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