Fun little look at our sport…from the outside.

Check out what I found to be a laugh-inducing self-deprecation fest from vlogger Kayleigh.

Roller Derby? Don’t Kid Yourself

I love that I kept wanting to speak through the feed directly to this girl: Hey! You’re small! You dance! You might make a great jammer! Ah, derbyvangelism…

While this made me laugh, it also brought up some intriguing questions for me–as most good humor does… Do I play this sport to look cool? Be tough? Get in community? Do I stick with derby because I love the sport, or because of what I get from the sport?

I could just as easily be asking myself about why I’m with a lover, or why I give to charity…

I’m reminded, too, about something my coach, Tiki Torture, told us during one practice that I’ll never forget: “Don’t worry about looking cool while you do these drills, ladies… ‘Cause you don’t.”

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