Continetal Divide Schedule

Divide and Conquer

For those of us who didn’t stick around for the awards show after the Mayhem here’s the schedule for next month’s championship in Denver.

Pink Bracket

Game 1: Minnesota RollerGirls (North Central #2) vs Charm City Roller Girls (East #3)
Winner faces Texas Rollergirls (South Central #1) in Game 5

Game 2: Rocky Mountain Rollergirls (West #2) vs Nashville Rollergirls (South Central #3)
Winner faces Gotham Girls Roller Derby (East #1) in Game 6

Black Bracket

Game 3: Kansas City Roller Warriors (South Central #2) vs Rose City Rollers (West #3)
Winner faces Windy City Rollers (North Central #1) in Game 7

Game 4: Philly Roller Girls (East #2) vs Naptown Roller Girls (North Central #3)
Winner faces Oly Rollers (West #1) in Game 8

… and don’t forget to fill out your WFTDA Bracket for a chance to win prizes and the such.

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