Boots on the way from Luigino

Luigino, which from what I understand is the same people as Atom Wheels, are coming out with a line for quad boots. In the past Luigino juts dealt with inline speed boots but is making an appearance in the quad arena. Their new boots are going to be called Vertigo and will come with their patent pending Shift plate system.

It’s hard to tell if these boots are designed for only speed skaters or roller derby folks as well. From the photos the boot seems a bit stiff and possible a bit high off the plate. I’m also not sure about this whole Shift plate system. The idea of their plate system is to allow the skater to easily swap their plates and boots around without having to drill new holes but it also means that you can ONLY use their plates and no other brand of plates but I’m speculating now.

We’ll just have to wait and see when the launch.



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