Antik Skate Boots Preview

Antik Skate Boots

You may be aware of a new roller derby skate boot coming on the market. We sat down with the owner of GRN MNSTR Roller Sports, Quadzilla, to get some info you won’t find on their website. GRN MNSTR also makes Heartless and B’ZERK Wheels as well as GumBall Toe Stops.

Where does the word Antik come from?

1520s, from It. antico  “antique,” from L. antiquus  “old” (see antique). Originally (like grotesque ) referring to the strange and fantastic representations on ancient murals unearthed around Rome, later extended to any bizarre thing or behavior, in which sense it first arrived in English.   But honestly, it just sounded and looked cool.

The most obvious difference between Antiks and every other roller derby boot on the market is the 3/4 height boot. What about this style of boot is going to be superior to everything else on the market?

We won’t say they’ll be “superior”, because superior is relative. We will say that having the 3/4 upper will give you added support if and when you need it. Notice figure skaters and ice hockey players and the boots they use. The boots cover you ankle, which gives you a more secured fit, keeps your heels locked in and limits the lift you get with a lower cut boot, and also allows for more responsiveness, by joining the ankle and the foot movements together.

There seems to be a hard leather built in toe guard on Antiks. Does this mean I shouldn’t ever have to buy toe guards again because they are built into the boot?

Not at all. The hard toe cap is to protect the toes from falling and being kicked by other skaters. The “scuff resistant” leather on the toe is just that, RESISTANT. It will wear down after sometime, but it will definitely last a lot longer than a standard boot with no protection. Plus, most of the toe guards out on the market look HORRIBLE, so save yourself the embarrassment, get a boot that has one built in.

The quality of materials used in Antiks seem unprecedented but what about the quality of production. Is this the last boot I’ll ever buy?

The quality of our boot production is second to none. They are all handmade in USA, by craftsmen and women who have decades of boot making experience. They are the best you will find anywhere. Boot are boots and are not indestructible, so we wont say its the ‘last’ boot you’ll buy, but ….it WILL be the last BRAND of boots you will ever want to buy.

How much field testing of the new Antiks have you done?

Tons, we have skaters of all calibers (men, women, kids,- roller hockey, skate park, bouts, speed, beach fronts, and everything in between) testing the boots since February of 2010. Check out YouTube for Quadzilla skating Antik boots.

Antiks are set to start shipping in the very early of 2011. As soon as we get our hands on a set to try out we’ll write up a full review for you.

For more information on Antik boots check out GRN MNSTR Roller Sports website at

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