Another Jam City Rollergirls Preview

The footage of the new Nintendo Wii game Jam City Rollergirls we saw at Regionals looked awful and some of the reviews I heard about the game made me think that I’d never buy it even to review but Frozen Codebase the makers of the game have release a better preview video of the game and it actually looks like a lot of fun this time around. The graphics seem crisp and snappy in this preview and the game play does look like a lot of fun.

OK, so there isn’t any hitting in real modern roller derby but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to smack a bitch in a video game and turn into a raging fireball when I hit a power arrow and getting to design my own boutfit in game takes all the pressure out of what to wear on the real track.

Of course my favorite part about video game roller derby… No refs!

I’m not sure when Jam City Rollergirls is hitting the market. If you know please leave the date in the comments below.

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