5 Roller Girls Is All It Takes

The Babe City Rollers from Bemidji, Minnesota, captained by Olive Mayhem and Piece Maker, brought 11 skaters to the Rolling Along The River roller derby tournament in Sioux City, Iowa this past weekend. Winning their first bout of the day against Harbor City from Duluth, Minnesota then moved onto their second bout against the host team Sioux City. It was an extremely hard-fought bout and Babe City lost and several of their players to injuries. Their third bout against Mississippi Valley brought them a win, but by the end it was apparent that several skaters would not be physically able to continue.

Babe City teammates met and voted on whether or not to continue in the tournament. Five girls felt capable of continuing, the minimum allowed by the tournament rules. It was their expectation to play only a few jams, skate their best, and then forfeit to the well stocked Rushmore team.

It goes without saying but having only 5 players means that every team member would have to play every single jam and only get to rest in the penalty box or for regular time outs.

The first few jams looked very brutal, but out of nowhere Babe City took the lead over Rushmore and the excitement level in the arena grew. The girls kept at it, swapping jammer panties and taking time outs and poodling to gain a little bit of rest. By the end of the bout, the whole crowd was on their feet cheering for a real underdog and they roared as the Babes won with a final score of 107-58 over Rushmore.

Just wanted to give some mad props to those five skaters who wowed us all; Olive Mayhem (C), Vroom Vroom KaBoom, Oddree Hitburn, Pebbles, and the team’s tournament MVP, OH-NO-Jo-Jo.

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