2010 Holiday Roller Gift Guide

It’s time for the Queen of the Rink 2010 Roller gift guide where we do our best to answer the age old question “What do you get for the roller girl who has everything?”. So let’s jump right in!

Cutom Skate Toe GuardsCustom Toe Guards

You can’t go wrong with custom toe guards. It’s a nice way to say I care about your skates but I still want your personality to show. Derby Vixen has been making these toe guards for a long while and she can make a ton of different styles. Prices start at $20 a set and go up from there.


Skate Bearing Hair Pins

Skate Bearing Hair Pins

Another Etsy find integra is also a Madison Mad Rollin’ Doll and makes derby art on the side. You’ll find a lot more then just these roller skate bearing hair pins at her shop for your derby wife.


Che JammerChe Jammer Shirt

Flat Track Revolution has been consistently creating cool roller derby inspired clothes and accessories for a while now. Our favorite has always been their classic Che Jammer. Grab one for $20.


Bearing BuddyBearing Buddy

This is going to be the next essential tool in every roller person’s bag. This ‘Bearing Buddy’ does all the functions of a bearing press but in the smallest package possible. Stop destroying your bearings and your axles and buy one today. $29 is a lot but this thing has no moving parts and should last a life time. If it saves you one set of bearings it pays for itself.


Spare Axle Nuts

Believe it or not axle nuts do wear out after some time especially if you are constantly changing your wheels and once they wear out you are bound to drop a nut mid bout. Tell that special roller girl that you want her to stay safe by filling her stocking with a set of spare axle nuts colored to match her skates.


Roller Girl Coloring Book

Roller Girl Coloring Book

You’ve know you hit the big time when you’ve got your own coloring book and the Minnesota RollerGirls did just that. This 54 page coloring book is fun for all ages and don’t worry it’s not too Minnesota specific. You’ll have fun coloring in your own skates and jammer panties. You can buy this directly from the Minnesota RollerGirls for $10.


Well, that about does it for us. If you have any suggestions why don’t you post them below in the comments area.

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