Radar – Zodiac

I’ve had a set of Zodiacs that I won for almost a year now and I’ve been lending them out to needy freshmeat since I got them but after getting them back last night I decided to give them a try for myself.

To give my review a bit of perspective lately I’ve been skating on the Radar Tilebiters (skinny) and the Diamonds which are both 31mm width. What I expected with these wheels is that I’d skate three laps and wheel lock myself and take them off and never skate on them again but to my surprise that wasn’t the case. I kept them on for a the whole practice and really quite enjoyed these wheels.

Let’s break it down.

This grip is wonderful. I was skating on the 92a (red) and on our concrete they hugged wonderfully and maybe a bit too much. Hockey stops and snow plows were a bit too labored. The roll was absolutely smooth and the aluminum hubs give wonderful feedback but sadly these will never be my everyday wheels.

The one thing I didn’t like about the Zodiacs is their weight. I felt like I had boat anchors on my feet the whole night. SRSLY, too much urethane and heavy metal hubs and then add in the extra width of the Zodiacs and you’ve got some heavy wheels on your hands.

While these wheels are not right for me most of the time I’m going to keep them in my bag for when I practice at a particularly slippery floor. I’m also going to recommend these wheels for freshmeat and mid level skaters who aren’t too worried about juking and diving around the track as much as I am.

The final thing these wheels did for me is realize that we need another rating category for weight on Queen of the Rink.

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