Radar – Tile Biter (37mm)

Radar Tilebiter 37mm

OK, I’m just going to repost the review I did for the 31mm for the 37mm. Should be about the same but if you want to write us a review specifically for these wheels we’d love to post that instead.

I took these wheels out for the first time last night at practice. I grabbed a set of the black (92A) thin (31mm) and I can’t do a proper review without comparing them to their cousin the Radar Diamonds.

These wheels have a plastic hub and are designed to be light and weight is your enemy when you are skating and they are extremely light and for that I love them. I felt very quick and light with these wheels. This is one of the best plastic hubs I’ve ever skated but they are still a bit squishy but I’m nit picking.

If we dive into the grip and roll of the Tilebiter they come from the factory with a bit of ‘groove’ on them and for that they fail just a bit. The great thing about the Diamonds is they lack this groove and they feel the same the first time as they do a year later with the Tilebiter it’s taking a long time to break them in. After a couple of hours though I was able to wear then down just enough and started to feel the real grip these wheels can provide. Event though these are 92a and my Diamonds are a 94a I feel like they have less grip.

Overall I’d say you have to ask your self what’s more important and if it’s weight then go with your Tilebiters and if it’s grip and roll and feedback then grab a set of Radar Diamonds.

The Tile Biter comes in three color and hardness combos; Black 92A, Orange 94A, and Turquoise 96A.

If you get your hands on these please leave a comment and rating below.

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