Radar – Mojo

Radar Mojos are the kind of wheel every girl needs to have in her bag in case of an emergency.  Often you find yourself breaking into a vacant warehouse drunk at 3AM just to get your derby booty call on. Finding once inside that floor dirty and rough as the boy you picked up at the bar.  No fuss.  Slap on your Mojos.

An 88a wheel your Mojos do a pretty damn good job of gripping on very dirty surfaces.  As should be expected they do feel a bit squishy but that’s what you give up for being able to corner on the track.  For the most part Mojos roll pretty good but I wouldn’t write home about them.

The colors of the Mojos might be their best feature as these are some of the most vibrant wheels I’ve seen.

The basic run down is this.  Keep a set on you just in case but you won’t be skating on Mojos everyday.

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