Radar – Diamond

Radar DiamondI had been skating on the Roll-Line Formulas for a couple of years and was always impressed with responsiveness and their grip but I was never impressed with their price tag at $130. I took a chance on the Radar Diamonds hoping they would be a cheaper replacement.

Right out of the box I was very impressed with the roll on these wheels. I felt like I could coast for ever. Considering the Formulas are 88a and the Diamonds I was using are 94a I wasn’t completely surprised.

The next big test was grip so taking a couple hard laps at full speed I was stunned by how well they cornered. Not only did they grip like they are on rails but they had that same familiar ‘talk’ that the Formulas did. They would never slide out away from me just ‘talk’ a whole lot louder until they were literally screaming around corners.

Aluminum hubs can be a bit heavier but they should also have less flex then plastic hubs. The more a wheel flexes the squishier they feel. Having a squishy wheel is bad not only because it can take you longer to react to an oncoming hit but they can suck the energy from you and your wheels. The Diamonds should be a tad big heavier then the Formulas but I find the trade off much worth it. These are the most responsive wheels I’ve ever skated on.

The final thing I will point out with these wheels is their profile. Not only are they 31mm which makes them one of the narrowest wheels on the market but it’s the shape of their profile. A lot of wheels are beveled or rounded on the edges to keep them from tearing off big chucks under heavy load but what you end up with is a smaller footprint but a wider wheel. The Diamonds lack any sort of bevel and I have yet to have this be a problem but they do have the exact same footprint as a Heartless with no overhead.

Needless to reiterate but I think every advanced skater should give these wheels a try. They are too narrow for freshmeat but after a good season of skating these are the wheels to try.

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