Radar – Devil Ray

The Devil is Radar’s pricey version of the Speed Ray.  The main difference between these two wheels is really just their hubs and color choices.  The hub on the devil ray is quite a bit lighter then that on the Speed Ray and in this game weight is a big factor and a little weight adds up quickly.  The Devil Ray and the Speed Ray are also both of Riedell’s wheels that feature their patented “Speed Groove” technology.

Let’s talk about that then.  The “Speed Groove” is that gap in the middle of the wheel and all it’s really good for is making your wheels wider without adding any sort of benefit..  The “Speed Groove” will not make you any faster at all and just puts less of your wheel surface on the floor.

There are more then a few girls who will swear by these the wheels but I find for most modern rollergirls they are too wide and too gimmicky and for $120 you could waste you money on a lot cheaper wheel.

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