Radar – Cayman

When you get what you pay for the Radar Caymans are exactly what you are paying for.  These wheels come free with Riedell’s R3 skate package and as far as a first time skater goes these wheels work just fine for the first couple of practices.  After that they should be tossed in the garbage.  Let’s break it down…

I’ve never skated on a more uneven wheels.  At high speeds my feet feel like that are vibrating.  They are a 95a hardness but the only time I get decent grip is when skating outdoors on rough concrete.  Should I even discuss the quality and feedback of these wheels?

Basically, never pay money for these wheels unless you plan on spray painting them gold and wearing them around your neck on a chain.  If you have a set that came with your skates I highly recommend spending a little bit of money and getting into better wheels.

This is one rare instance when ditching these wheels and upgrading to anything else WILL make you a better skater.

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