Radar – Bullet

Ok. Here’s the short of it. This is only 59mm wheel you should even consider buying. The grip on the Radar Bullet Wheels are amazeballs and I love them.

Now, here’s the long of it.

The Bullets are Radars first 59mm wheel which seem designed to compete directly with the popular Atom Juke wheels. Having a shorter wheels keeps you a bit closer to the ground a bit more stable and increases your jukeiness. You will be a tad bit slower though on a shorter wheel but nothing too noticeable.

The Bullets also have Radar’s new ‘Shark’ style hub. I think the fins look a bit more like flying buttresses then fins but I guess calling then cathedral hubs just doesn’t sound as derby. The point is the fins actually work providing a ton of feedback all the way to the edge of the wheel while keeping a nice light plastic hub.

I’m not sure how many virgins souls are used in the creation of the Bullet urethane but there must be some unholy union going on to get this amount of grip. I would say when thinking about buying these wheels to get 5 points harder then you would usually buy. If everyone skates on a 90a on your track then get your self a 95a.

Of course the most important thing is the color. These are the most vividly colored wheels I’ve ever seen. They are bright as fuck and the pink is the pinkist pink out there. They come in Pink, Purple, Red and Orange.

They are also the cheapest 59mm wheel on the market today at $80 for eight while the Juke 2.0 Alloy is going to cost you about $130 for eight. This is the best valued wheel you can buy today.

Available here.

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