Atom – Jukes

I remember the first time I tried the original Jukes. I was still going crazy trying all the new slim and hybrid wheels on the market, so I eagerly snatched these up. I went from squee-ing over the responsive starts and quick cuts and stops to desperately trying to catch up with the pace line on the outside. Then the light bulb went on: short wheel= more work to go the same distance as a standard wheel. As I was jamming at the time it didn’t seem like a good idea. I moved on.

This last year I tried the Juke 2.0. I’m more athletic, more agile, and more experienced. I typically skate on a 93/88 pusher set, so I bought 4 of each in the Jukes.

My initial start was fantastic. The get up and go on these is awesome. Fantastic feedback. But then I hit the first corner and slid waaaaaaaaay out. What the hell? I thought maybe they just needed more breaking in, but I ate shit all night. I went back and got 4 more 88s. This was better, but these wheels seem to have less grip than other Atom wheels of the same durometer. I ended up putting Venoms (the short Poison hybrid wheel) on as pushers with 88s and was able to stay upright. But then I couldn’t plow stop very well so I sold these to a team mate. If you want more grip but still controlled slide, try the Reckless wheels.

Also, these wheels CHUNK like crazy. As in, hunks of urethane falling out of your wheels. We do have a pretty bumpy, cracked floor, but from a big name like Atom (and a big name price tag) you’d expect better. On the upside, Atom has great customer service and has been good about replacing them when people take the time to contact them.

All that being said, these wheels are still incredibly popular. Not my thing, but if you’re curious you probably have at least three people you can borrow them from.

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