GRN MNSTR – Heartless

If you are thinking about getting into a ‘skinny’ wheel the line of Heartless is a great way to start.  Having a full line of hardness ranging from 86a all the way up to 96a one could buy a whole set of wheels and be prepared for any roller derby situation and only have to change the hardness of their wheels.

Since the beginning of the new derby movement I’ve been pushing girls to get on ‘skinny’ wheels because of the increased agility and responsiveness.  I suggest most girls switching to a ‘skinny’ wheel should want to tighten their trucks a bit to compensate for no longer being on a wide wheels.

Heartless is one of the lightest wheels on the market but that advantage comes at a price.  Using a hollow plastic hub is lighter but makes the wheel feel squishy and less responsive compared to a wheel with aluminum hubs such as the Radar Diamonds.

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