GRN MNSTR – Reckless Ikon

I’ve been rolling on the Reckless Ikons in Orange 97a for a while now to review them.  I found them very difficult to break in and so I had a hard time figuring out what I thought of them.  However, after skating on them for over two month now, I feel I have made a true determination as to their track-ability.

They come in 62mm x 38mm, so they are a slimmer wheel.  They are REALLY FAST! and springy, and by springy, I mean it’s as if they have a spring in them when you skate.  I think this is due to the nylon hub.  It gives a little on wood, yet not enough  that it slows you down. At the same time, they feel really hard, yet roll very nicely.  These wheels have a lip that helps pick up speed around turns, yet it does not help you to stick to the track on the turns.  I often pull my inside foot up in order to maintain some traction around the turns.  So, if you are a jammer, I would recommend one of the softer versions of this wheel (88a, 93a or 95a).

On the straight aways, these wheels handle with great agility and speed…on wood.  These wheels did not perform on skate court or concrete.  They are way to hard for those services, and the particular formula used in the wheels feels very rigid and does not adhere to those surfaces.  Most sites even recommend them for wood and masonite, and I totally agree.  Since I’ve been wearing these, I refuse to wear any other wheels despite the slipping out on turns.  As a blocker, I find I can run on them, and get anywhere I need to get  quickly.  I actually had my (according to my Coach) in these very wheels, but obviously, that’s just junk science on my part.

These wheels are not cheap ($50.00 for 4 pack), and honestly, I think they are worth it.  Why?  I’ve noticed a lot of break down over 30+ practices and multiple bouts in wheels similar in price range to these, yet these wheels are still performing well for as much of a beating they have taken.  The “lightweight urethane” that Reckless touts in this wheels’ composition is unlike any wheel I’ve met so far in 6+ derby years.  They even say this urethane has “NEVER been used on any other wheel on the market”.   It just has a lot of integrity and durability.   But eh, don’t take my word for it, check them out for yourself.

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