GRN MNSTR – Reckless Evader

Evader PinkI’ll be honest. I was really wanting to like short wheels when the Juke came out a few years ago. I really did. I bought a set in the same durometer as the Atom wheels I was riding at the time (88As and 93As) and was absolutely baffled when I kept sliding all over the place. Other girls on my league had the same experience: Jukes seemed to be less grippy than other Atom wheels. I tried all 88As and that was better. I could definitely feel a difference when turning, cutting, stopping and starting. I was starting to get really stoked on short wheels, until we had an endurance practice involving fast pace lines. Much like bike wheels, short wheels take more work to go the same distance. I frantically pumped my short little legs and short little wheels and kept falling further and further behind…. I immediately switched to regular wheels.

Fast forward to present day. Derby is slower, more lateral, and I’m in better shape. I got all 88As in the Jukes, slid all over the place. Bought some Venoms as pushers, and that fixed the problem of sliding, but then my plow stops and hockey stops suffered. Enter the Reckless Evader wheel. I put on a set of all 88As, and low and behold, GRIP! I attempted a few hockey stops and plows and was able to get just the right amount of controlled slide. These wheels are grippier than Jukes of similar durometer, lighter, and the same price. They also come in 4 different durometers and very pretty colors. I wish our floor was stickier so I could rock the teal…. Sigh…..

In short (pun intended), these are a great option for lovers of the short wheel. Here’s the “official” deets:

Provides skaters with a happy medium between narrow wheels for agility and wide wheels for stability, by giving you the benefits of both worlds. Reckless Wheels give the skater a ‘Lip’ that is needed for adding more stability, grip, and ‘snap’ at the end of your push. This revolutionary molded lip on a mid-width wheel is exclusive to Reckless, and it will give you the advantage necessary to take your skating to the next level. Reckless Wheels are made in two sizes and four durometers to give you endless combinations. Skate on the Reckless Ikon and Evader, and see what the ‘Lip’ can do for your game.”

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