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Atom Wheels - Stinger Slim

If I were married to Stinger Slims, I don’t think it would end happily. They’re so light, I’d feel fat. They’re hub is rigid – the thing has no give at its core. They’re really grippy and can’t let go,  but they’re also fast which is not a quality I’m looking for in a life-long partnership. Stinger Slims don’t know how to compromise, and marriage is all about compromise.

I wouldn’t ever want to marry them, but I’d certainly recommend them to anyone who skates and bouts on slippery surfaces.

The roll is amazing, they’re incredibly light, and they’re grippy. The urethane seems soft (88A) but on slippery surfaces right surface they’re comparable to a 92A+ for roll and feedback. They’re never sluggish.

The hub is nylon (glass filled). While I am a smaller skater, I don’t find any squish factor when comparing them to my aluminum-hubbed Radar Diamonds (though I found the grip to be better than my 92As for sure).

You can use them as pushers paired with any of the myriad of 62mm x 38mm wide wheels (Omegas come to mind)  but if you’re on cold, polished concrete, a set of 8 of these babies performs amazingly well.

Moreover, the narrow profile paired with the incredible grip means incredible agility for folks looking for more agility on the track.

They’re in the higher price bracket for wheels – about a hundred bucks for a set of 8, but they rival Poison Slims in grip and Radar Diamonds in roll and feedback. There is zero compromise with this wheel.

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