Atom – Omega

These wheels come in 38mm Width/62mm Height for indoor skating, so they are a  relatively  narrow wheel.  I wore these wheels for about 3 months, 2 seasons ago thinking I was getting the old version of them when I ordered.  I was surprised with a newer version of a wheel that I did not want changed.  They were great for speed and juking around the track, and for stopping.   (The old version came in a darker Forest Green as opposed to Kelly Green).  I loved the old Green Omegas:  They really were the perfect wheel for me.  As a skater, I tend to skate on my toes, and on the front two wheels of my skates.  I like to accelerate quickly through sprinting, and not use long strides as much.  With the changes, the wheel just wasn’t the same.

What I didn’t like about the changes was that the wheel seemed to wear out more quickly, not be as fast and much less solid in the center of the wheel.  For instance, the “new” omegas have a nylon hub, while the old ones had a hollow core.  The old ones are more like the Atom Lowboys, which I really like, and the news ones, are just like an unwanted relative who annoys you.   With the Nylon hub, it feels like there is too much give or spring when I skate, and therefore, it takes away from speed as I am pushing, yet my energy is going into the Nylon as opposed to into the floor.  Plus, they do not feel as hard as the old ones, yet I can not find the data on the old ones, so I can’t really say if they were perhaps a 95A unlike these that are 93A.

It’s important to note that if pricing lends to quality and performance, (you get what you pay for saying), the Atom Omegas 93A Green are approximately $40 cheaper (list price) than the Lowboys.  So, if you are on a budget, and you are an agile skater, then you might prefer to wear the Omegas.

My request to Atom, bring back the old Omegas.  They were far superior.  Just this gals’ opinion.  However, as an afterthought, given the prevalence of scrum starts, who needs to roll as much?  It’s become more of a game of lateral agility, and they are quite food for this.

P.S.  I dug up an old set of Green Omegas, and I am skating on them now.  I begged someone for them, and since it’s hotter and more humid out, and we skate on wood; they feel like new.  If I were skating on concrete or skate court, I would not be wearing them though.  They are better suited for wood and polished concrete.

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