Atom – G-Rods

Atom G-Rods (classic)

The company known as Atom, formerly Answer, formerly Matter, took the derby world by storm when they offered the G-Rod.

The G-Rod is a hollow core hub wheel measuring at a 93a hardness on the duro.  The original version is 44 mm wide with a 4 mm lip and 1 mm bevel on the truck side of the wheel giving about 39 mm of usable surface.  This version comes in white while the narrow version is pink, however, you can probably still find some pink wide G-Rods here and there.  Thanks to the hollow core hub and less tire than other wheels the wheel is noticeably lighter.  The wide wheel weighs 3.6 ounces, and there is 7 mm of tire all around the hub.  Less tire means less weight, but it also means you want to keep these wheels on smooth surfaces or else suffer a bumpy ride.

But how does it go?  I really enjoy these wheels, and only skated on Atom’s for a couple seasons.  Grip and roll in one package is that welcome combo I’m always looking for, and the G-Rod delivers.  The 93a hardness does well on slick concrete.  The roll is great for a grippy wheel.  It holds up in corners nicely for the duration of the wheel’s life.  It stands up to abuse for months.  I find that the G-Rod is too grippy on wood, skate court and masonite, but I like my wheels a tidge on the slippy side.  I have found that I get better response from the aluminum capped Dubz that Atom offers, but the response from the G-Rod is not shabby.  In the past Atom was plagued with reports of the hub caps falling off the hollow core wheels.  They have since created a fix where the hub cap has urethane poured on either side of it holding it in place.  If you do run into a problem with an older wheel, or any sort of problem for that matter, then you owe it to yourself to experience the joy of  Atom’s customer support.  I had an issue that was cleared up straight away at no personal expense.  Fast and friendly service.

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