Atom – G-Rods 2.0

G-Rods 2.0
Atom G-Rods 2.0

Skinny, narrow, 38s, svelt, whatever. These wheels are narrower than the 44mm wheels used for quad speed skating.  I imagine Atom looked at the success of their original skinny wheel, the Omega, and decided that all their hybrid hollow core wheels required a skinny option.  I fully support that decision.  The G-Rod 2.0 is a 38mm wheel with a 1mm bevel and a 2mm lip.  It looks like someone took a G-Rod, cut it flush to the hub, and dyed it pink.  They have the same dimensions save the width and weight.  The G-Rod 2.0 performs the same way as a 44mm G-Rod but with all the properties of a skinny wheel.  Since they are so similar, and the G-Rod has been reviewed elsewhere I will use this review to talk about my personal experiences changing to a narrow wheel.

Sometimes progress happens without intention.  Having tried out skinnies for a spell I decided to go back to wides.  At the time I was mostly jamming.  Time passed and my blocker skills developed.  One day I had a need for some wheels so I pulled out some free blems I had stashed for a rainy day.  They were skinny and I decided that a fresh skinny wheel was better than my burned out wide wheels.  I was right.  The difference was subtle at first.  I did not miss the extra surface area at all, and my five minute laps stayed steady.  After a couple months of skating on the skinnies I pulled out some harder 44s for an open session on skatecourt and locked my wheels within a few laps.  I had gone down the rabbit hole and found myself changed.Overall, I feel that I am able to turn faster, bring my feet together closer, and flat out get in people’s way a whole lot easier with skinny wheels.  That extra 6mm of space allows me to skate more aggressively. I find stop and go easier on a skinny wheel, too.  I feel the G-Rod 2.0 has a little less grip in the corners than its stouter counterpart.  Otherwise they are identical in the straightaways, roll, and response.

BONUS COMPETITION: Put your snazziest zinger about skinnies vs. wides in the comments. “Once you go narrow wides will feel like a wheel barrow.” Something like that only funny.

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