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Atom Wheels D-Rods
The D-Rod is my go-to wheel for grippy wood floors.  As much as skaters fret about slippery surfaces, extremely grippy surfaces can also downgrade skater performance.  Glue yourself down with sticky wheels on a grippy floor, and you interfere with your ability to have the controlled slide necessary for proper crossovers, hockey stops, and plow stops.  D-Rods offer a good balance of grip, roll, and controllable slide for those times when you’re on a surface that’s got a lot of grip. 

D-Rods offer a fast roll with their 95A hardness and hybrid hollow core.  You’ll get a stiff, but not overly jarring ride that’s 25% lighter than a similar aluminum hub wheel. D-Rods grip well in the turns, partly due to the lip design and partly to the exceptional Atom urethane.  Whether you’re in a deep crossover or running through the turn, the D-Rod will grip predictably.  Unlike some of the other softer, more grippy wheels, you will have some slip available when you want it.  You won’t have to fight to break them loose from the floor to transition into a plow stop or powerslide.

I practice two to three times a week on D-Rods and have found that it takes about 9 months to a year to wear them bald.  This is about average for Atom wheels, in my experience, and above average for the derby wheel market overall.  I’ve had some other brands of wheels wear bald within 2 months under the same conditions.  There’s quite a bit of tire on these wheels as well, so you’ll be able to have them regrooved many times before they’re dead.

Surfaces: Light and medium weight skaters will like them on grippy wood.  Heavier skaters may also be able to use them on clean, grippy concrete and skate court.

D-Rods only come in one width, 44mm, which is the typical wide derby wheel width.  If you prefer narrow wheels, I suggest the Lowboy slims for a comparable wheel performance.

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