Adonis – Adonis Micro

First thing to note about the Adonis Micros is their size. All flavors come in a height of 50mm which is crazy short. They come in two different widths which are 32mm and 36mm. I’ve got a set of the 36mm – 92A variety to review. Here are my thoughts on this one of a kind wheel.

Jammers. Don’t get these wheels.

Blockers. Get these wheels!

Adonis claims that their 50mm wheels with their crazy awesome hub design and floating blah blah blah won’t slow you down. That’s a damn lie. These are the slowest wheels I’ve ever skated on. Skating on these wheels will add a full 20 seconds to your 25 in 5. THEY ARE SLOW!

However, if you are blocker and have no need for speed you should really check these wheels out. You will be more stable. You will have more control. You will be able to juke better and change speed quicker. You will even be able to land jumps more solid then ever before and they’ve got grip to spare.

When you get your axles this much closer to the ground it is incredible how much it changes the way you feel on your skates.

The one major drawback about these wheels is the price. $120 for 8. Here’s hoping that if enough blockers try these out we’ll see a cheaper version in the future. I mean they’re smaller so they should really be cheaper right?

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