TSG – Force III

After much searching over 6+ years of derby, I have found the kneepads that I can’t live without on the track.  I have had 3 types of the most popular derby kneepads and none compare to the TSG Force for the price or quality in my derby-verse.  Originally designed for aggressive and vert skateboards, the TSG skate team has inadvertently made a great piece of derby gear.   I fall a lot some days, and in the past, my kneepads would always slip down my knees leaving me uncovered once I hit the ground.  With TSG Force this does not happen.  I have been wearing them since about February, and I feel so much more protected.  Here are some specifics:

  •  They can be easily latched on with double butterfly Velcro straps in the back, with a type of Neoprene breathable material.
  • Reinforced Cordura on the top and bottom of the pad that maintains the integrity of the kneepad with every fall and slide.
  • One of the most important features that I feel keeps the pad from sliding down the knee is the bottom knee strap has a snap closure.  None of the other kneepads that I’ve tried in the past has this type of closure.  Once it is snapped, I can pull on it to further tighten it into place, which allows for no movement laterally or vertically.
  • The shape of the kneepad also lends to all different types of shaped legs.  Lastly, it’s heavily padded, without being bulky.  I did a side-by-side comparison of the TSG III with another popular derby kneepad, and it outperformed the other one at every fall.  The other kneepad of the same size slid around my knee, slid down my knee, and did not offer as much protection.  It also took longer to dry, while the TSG III stayed relatively dry both during and post-practice.

The caps are replaceable, yet I have not had to replace them.  The kneepads do not seem to have had much deterioration that I can feel or notice.  In the past, after about 5 months of wear, I noticed and felt breakdown either in stitching falling apart, or feedback from the floor from a fall.

So, if you are in the market, this kneepad gets 5 stars in my book where other on the market kneepads failed.

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