Triple 8 – KP 22 Knee Pads

In the time I’ve been playing roller derby, I’ve gone through an inordinate number of knee pads. Maybe I’m just picky, but I’m telling you, I’ve had some real stinkers (derby stank pun! I make jokes!).

I’m reviewing a number of different knee pad brands that I have personally owned and used. This will be a chronological series, so let’s get started with the first – and worst – pads I ever owned.

A note about me: these reviews are based on the experiences of a 5’7″, 160lb woman. I can’t tell you how effective each of them are for a bigger skater, and likewise, the pads that felt too flimsy for me might be great for tiny skaters. But, okay, back to the stuff.

Like I mentioned before, these were the first knee pads I ever owned, and the hard cap snapped in half after about three months’ use. I’m not anti-Triple 8 – I’m all about their Wristsavers – but seriously, these knee pads are super not good. For those first three months, I often had bruises on my knees, that I’d acquired through my pads!Triple 8 have since released a “pro” knee pad that a few skaters in my league actually currently use, so this isn’t a comment on those in any way.

They come in sizes Jnr, S, M, L, XL. The sizes are pretty standard – I wore the medium, as I normally do. They have a butterfly back so they’re easy to take on and off. If you did buy these, I’d consider retiring them to only non-falling occasions, like social skates or perhaps a booze-free roller disco.

I paid $34.95 for these bad boys (granted, I knew no things about derby or gear, and had no idea how long I’d be skating for). But knowing what I know now, I implore you – don’t buy these knee pads! When I mentioned investing in your knees earlier, this is what I was talking about. The $40-$60 you’ll save buying these isn’t worth squat since you’ll have to replace them soon anyway, shortly before you’re forced to retire from derby prematurely because your knee caps fell out.


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