Smiths Scabs – Psycho Knee Pads

For me, these are the holy grail of knee pads. I just adore them. Like, if someone offered me the choice between one million pancakes, and these knee pads, I don’t even know which I’d pick (although, financially, I could just buy these myself for less than the cost of one million pancakes. So in monetary terms, the pancakes would be the wiser choice).

What I liked about these over the 187 was that they envelop and surround your knee, rather than just feeling like a bit of padding plonked on top of your kneecap. They feel really stabilizing and supportive. They’re super comfortable and protective, without feeling bulky. I am told they help your mum pick you out on the DNN feed.

The downside is that their sizing is kind of funky. There are only two sizes – I had to buy Large/X-Large, and I have a strictly medium leg. Extra medium at most. The other size, Small/Medium, must be made for a large child, or a tiny regular person. So I’m sorry to say that if your legs are bigger than mine, these just won’t work for you.

They cost around USD $75, and last really well. Seven thumbs up.

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