Riedell – 265 Boot

Riedell - 265 Skate Boot

Trying to review the 265 Skate Boot is like trying to review your first true love. It isn’t the best boot on the market. It isn’t the cheapest boot on the market. There things about this boot that bug the fuck out of me. The 265 is my favorite boot not because of what it is but because of what it represents to me.

The first thing to say about MY 265 is that I got them in custom blue and yellow leather to match my previous jogger type roller skates. The two yellow stripes on the sides give them a lovely retro feel along with the actual retro Riedell logo printed on the back side of the skates.

My 265 are made by Riedell Skate Company in Red Wing, Minnesota. I drive by the factory every couple of months on the way to my father’s place and I wave at the folks who hand crafted my boots.

The 265 is a medium and wide boot for those of us who have wide feet it’s a true dream. The velcro heel strap might be my favorite part. I might be in mid bout and feel a bit loose in my feet and I’ll I’ve got to do is reach and and give a tug on my strap and I’m back in the game.

This boot was designed for roller derby before modern roller derby existed. It’s strong, durable, comfortable, and gets the job done. It’s a value for the money and in my opinion the starter boot for someone who wants a good leather roller derby boot. Yes, you can and should go up from here but I’d suggest not going any lower.

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