Powerdyne – Revenge Plates

Powerdyne Revenge Plates

I upgraded to the Powerdyne Revenge Plates about 6 months ago and I’m never looking back. Previously I was skating on Powerdyne Dynapros. The main reason I upgraded was because my skates needed to go on a diet and loosing some weight from my plates was the best way to gain some extra juking power.

They break down like this. The Revenge plates are about 20% lighter then the Dynapros which is a whole lot. The first few steps I took on my new plates I felt like I had helium in my boots.

They are shipping now with a conical cushion that seems to give the Revenge great feedback. The original cushions Powerdyne was installing were way to hard. Every skater I know had their trucks adjusted as loose as possible but with the new softer bushings you can keep your trucks a bit tighter but get more flex when you need it.

You get the same great toe stop with the hex set screw as the Dynapros and the Reactors. I’ve never lost a toe stop on the track with this style of toe stop mount.

There are two things the Revenge Plates have that the higher end Reactors don’t which actually make the Revenge a better plate. The first is the more advanced tuning truck adjustment on the Reactors. I find this to be a bit of a gimick and I’ve know quite a few people to loose the set screws on the Reactors. Not a good thing in he middle of the bout. When it come to adjusting my trucks I like the single lock nut; simple and robust.

The other main difference is the pivot cups. In the higher end Reactors Powerdyne has been installing brass pivot cups which seem to be wearing out very fast for a lot of skaters and needing to be replaced every 6 months. For some reason the plastic pivot cups in the Revenge plates have been out lasting the more expensive brass cups.

Revenge Plates will set you back $200 and their big brother, the Reactors, will cost you $300. Even if the Reactors cost the exact same of the Revenge plates I’d still pick up a set of the Revenge for roller derby. They are durable, simple, light and perfect for any roller person.

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