Powerdyne – Magic Cushions

Riedell just released new cushions (bushings) for their plates and a lot of other brands on the market. For our fresher meat out their the cushions or bushings are the rubber donuts on your plates. They act a lot like shocks on a car and are also what allows you to turn to the left when you lean to the left. Just like your skate wheels they come in different hardness and each has their own pros and cons.

The new Magic Cushions are coming in three different hardness. The red 78a are for the skinny skaters  and those of us who like to have our trucks really loose. If you have your trucks so loose that they move freely when you shake them then you need to upgrade to some soft bushings. The middle of the road cushions are the 82a and those are orange. For our big blockers they have the hard yellow 85a.

Bushings are something that do wear out after time and something that should also be rotated on a semi-regular basis. Prices for the upgrade is going to run you between $15 and $20 depending on which plate you currently have.

I’m going to pick up a set of the Red 78a and swap them out for my stock bushings. I will report after a few practices.


I ended up getting the orange 82a. This is the best $20 you can spend on upgrading you skates especially if you have the old white bushings. Do it today! Everything feels so much more reactive. I’m giving them a 5 stars on feed back but only 4 stars for durability quality since I really haven’t had time to break them in. Will update that in 6 months or so.

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