“B’ZERK Wheels are the answer to those who love the feel of a wide profile wheel with the benefits of a fully hollow core. B’ZERK Wheels feature a true hollow core hub (cap and core), making it super lightweight, fast, and giving it the perfect amount of flex. The B’ZERK hollow cap, unlike others, gradually extends to the edge or “lip” of the wheel, which in turn allows for a solid feel similar to aluminum, without the weight, and wheel separation or “chunking”. This extending of the cap also ensures a solid bond to the urethane and virtually eliminates the issue of “hubs or caps that pop off”.  B’ZERK offers 4 durometers (hardness) that allow you to create the perfect mix of soft and hard wheels for favorite skating spots, whether its rinks, banked tracks, or sport tile.”

I got these wheels in Psycho (88a) and Madman (91a) and have tried them on both a sticky skate rink floor and shitty old sport court. Grip wise, these seem to be about the same as Atom wheels, but I was able to have more controlled slide on the sticky floor than with Stingers (Atom 88a) and Trackers (Atom 91a). These come in 88a, 91a, 94a, and 98a so they can be made into various pusher sets and are a little bit cheaper than Atom wheels for peeps on a budget. The only downside I’ve seen to these wheels is that they wear out faster than comparable wheels from Atom or Sure Grip. After wearing these daily for about 3 months I had an outdoor bout in the summer on sport court and my pushers had bald spots on them afterwards.

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