Antik AR1

My skateguy has a picture of my Antik AR1 skates on his website with a price of $1,000,000!

It all started last September when the BisMan Bombshellz was formed.  I was on the derby train as soon as it started rolling and probably even running in front of it so I wouldn’t get left behind.

My first pair of derby skates were what everyone else was getting and at the time were ok since I had never derby skated before and had no idea what I wanted and needed my skates to do for me.  However, for many years I was an artistic skater so I was familiar with skate boots and eventually I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted and needed for my next pair of derby skates.

While researching boots I found the Antik AR1 on a site and fell in love with the look especially the nice thick tongue padding (just like my Gold Star boots from so long ago), the color options, and the fact I could build my own skate once I decided on the color of the boot. The boots are custom made when ordered so my skate guy had the company dropship boots in my size and the color I chose directly to my house to try on before we mounted plates on them.  They fit PERFECTLY!  I totally fell in love and even asked my skate guy if I could wear them out shopping and even shovel in them before sending them to him to finish building my skates.

We then mounted Sure Grip XK4 Plates with DA45 double action trucks, Poison alloy wheels, and gumball toestops on my gorgeous pink, white, and gold Antik AR1 boots.  He posted a picture to his website and the compliments poured in and everyone loved and wanted MY skates.

As far as any break-in period… NONE!  The boot is slightly higher on the ankle than other derby boots which I really like.  I thought I might have some break-in issues on the back of my ankle since the boot was higher and would be rubbing there more than the lower ones and I had absolutely NO problem there either.  It was like it was made just for my foot.  There are lace holes lower on the heels for skaters with narrower heels and the toe is reinforced with leather so toe protectors are not necessary.  The leather on the toes will still get a slightly “worn leather look” if you do not put protectors on them but for indoor skating (even on cement) they wear extremely well.  If skating outside I would probably use toe protectors simply because of the roughness of outside surfaces and rocks.

In my first derby skates I had to place inserts in them.  Without inserts I was pretty much skating on the plate screws.  The Antik AR1 has an excellent liner and even a shock absorbing heel.  I have spent 6+ hours on my skates in one day and my feet felt as great when I took them off as they did at the beginning of the day.  Wish I could say the same for the rest of my body.

$1,000,000????!!!!  Hmmmm, I probably wouldn’t even sell them for that………. ;-)  When skating in these boots there really is no price for how I feel!

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