Bags – Athalon Fusion Carryon

Inside the front organizer pocket: Skate tool, toe stop tool, wrench, pens, body balm, Tiger balm, and a bunch of other things.

Not a lot is really said about bags for roller derby.

Roller derby specific gear bags are basically non-existent. Riedell offers a couple, but one would only hold skates and the other is a glorified rolling suitcase. Enter the Athalon 22” Fusion Carry On.  It is absolutely amazing.

Two separate bags the zip together – perfect for travel team skaters when traveling and it becomes a large duffel perfect for practice. Hidden backpack straps! A helmet pocket!  I’m in love. There are even two other pockets I didn’t show – one on the top which is currently holding my mouth guards and another on the opposite end of the duffel. The inside of the rolling portion are your standard suitcase innards.

I believe Sin City Skates is the only derby site currently offering the bag. Now, will you all please stop using Betsey Johnson rolling duffels? I know they are cute, but gah they are not made for derby. I learned my lesson.


My new favorite bag
Side view of pocket with helmet. The pocket zips up when not in use and has a bungee to keep it in place.
Plenty roomy in there
Inside the main pocket of the duffel with my skates. Can easily hold all my pads in there with the skates. Worthy to note I have huge feet - those skates are a size 8 mens and have plenty of room.
The two pieces of the luggage separated.
All togther now
And the two pieces zipped together...



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