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How to Clean Your Wheels

This is the final ‘How To’ video that I’ve got created for all your roller derby folks out there in roller derby …

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Bearing Press 101

You just got your hands on a bearing press and you’re asking “How do I use this thing?” and I got your …

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How To Adjust Your Trucks

I know all you freshmeat out there are asking yourselves “How do I adjust my trucks?” so I made a quick video …

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How To Remove Your Bearings

In this video I’m going to walk you through how to remove your roller skate wheel bearings when you don’t have a …

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How To Change Your Wheels

The second in my series of videos aimed at helping freshmeat become a better rollergirl. While changing your wheels might seem very …

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The Parts of Your Skates

I did a series of short videos for the freshmeat out there a while back and I’m going to post them up …