What’s in Your Bag – Mouse

What's in Mouse's Bag?

As requested by one of our readers we were able to get in contact with Mouse from the Dairyland Dolls and get her to dump out the contents of her bag on the floor for us. You might remember Mouse from your Nintendo Wii as she’s one of the players in the new Jam City Rollergirls video game. My favorite items have got to be the 5 hour energy drink and the little rubber mouse.

What’s your name and number? Mouse, #4

What’s your derby date of birth? 7/11/2004

What’s your primary position on the track? low, fast :) ok, jammer/pivot

What league are you a member of? Mad Rollin Dolls, Madison WI

What can you tell us about your skates? Just before 07 Eastern Regionals (only had East and West at the time) our rink manager bought up a bunch of equipment from a rink that was closing. These boots, some kind of Reidell- were brand new and unmounted. Fit like a glove, never even had to break them in. Still rockin the Probe nylon plates, stock toestops, and state-of-the-art duct tape toeguards. I like the Atom Strokers, currently, but also Low-Boys and Power Plus depending on the surface.

What’s your newest piece of gear and why did you get it? Cowspot helmet- to blend into the herd.

Derby Nickname? uh, Mousepants, MouseFaceKillah, Mouseroo

What’s your favorite drill to run? Anything that fits into the “thigh-burner” category- dryland low walks, one leg balance drills, I love the combo of muscle sculpting and fine tuned technique.

How many times a week do you practice on average? About 4, sometimes 3 if work gets in the way

Any major injuries and how did they happen? Broken hearts, mostly. They happen when someone realizes that Derby is not just a hobby I can be lured out of with chocolates or guilt.

What’s the oddest thing in your bag right now and why do you have it? I have this awesome toy called “The Stick.” Its like a rolling pin for your muscles- feels great before, during, and after skating, also works out the kinks from road trips or flights. My teammate, the Heat, turned me on to it. We call hers the Heatstick and mine is the Cheesestick.

What is your current favorite item in your bag and why do you love it so much? My case is chock full of all kinds of little notes and mementos from teammates over the years. Words of encouragement and inspiration, or just inside jokes. Each time I skate, I look to those for energy.

What skate set up do you use for your home track and describe your venue? I like one wider wheel on the inside back of my right skate, and inside front of my left. I like to think it helps me keep all 4 on the floor when pushing off. The Coliseum is pretty magnificent- I like to call it the Doll Dome. Grippy concrete floor, awesome view from any seat, I’m still humbled to think that we have now been in this huge venue for almost as long as we bouted at local Fast Forward skating rink. Amazing!

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