What’s in your Bag – Juno

What's in Juno's Bag?
What's in Juno's Bag?

We stopped Juno It’ll Hurt at practice the other day and made her dump out her roller derby skate bag so we could see it’s contents. Let’s see what’s in Juno’s bag and as always send us your suggestions of roller people’s whose bag you’d like to see emptied on the track.

What’s your name and number? Juno It’ll Hurt #518

Derby Nickname? Juno

What’s your derby date of birth? 2009

What’s your primary position on the track? Blocker

Juno It'll Hurt
Juno It'll Hurt

What league are you a member of? Rocky Mountain Rollergirls

What can you tell us about your skates? Derby4All is awesome! Knowledgeable staff and great customer service.

What’s your newest piece of gear and why did you get it? Riedell 395 skates!

What’s the oddest thing in your bag right now and why do you have it? Medical card that I was required to carry when competing horses. I fully expect to be knocked unconscious one day.

What is your current favorite item in your bag and why do you love it so much? EZ Fit Booties. They keep the blisters at bay.

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